Style Arc Estelle Cardigan – Minervacrafts Product Review

Hi all!

Can you remember back in February for Sew My Style that it was either the beautiful Rumana By Hand London Coat or Style Arcs Estelle Cardigan… I didn’t have the patience at the time to tackle such a big project so I decided to go for the cardigan!

My product review of the Pattern is now live over the Minervacrafts Blog.

So click on the link to find out just how easy it is to make your own!

Happy Sewing!



February’s #sewmystyle – The Estelle Cardigan


February has been a bit hectic for me! Kids on half term and We’ve been planning our trip to Florida in May and everything is now finalised and paid for including the dollars so just need to sort our holiday clothes!

February’s Sew my Style was either the ever so gorgeous By Hand London Rumana Coat or Style Arc Estelle Cardigan.

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Sew The Year January Plans!

When I cam across Straight Stitch Designs Sew The Year Blog post, I thought yeah…I like the idea of planning my makes and keep it reasonable rather than trying to keep to unnecessary pressures!

Sew the Year is all about taking a moment at the start of every month to be intentional about your fabric and pattern choices you hope to tackle that month.  Not only to create garments that you are going to love to but also ones that will actually be worn.  Instead of starting the year with a huge list of makes you want to accomplish and piles of fabric you want to buy you can break it down each month into manageable projects while considering the rest of your life.

Sew the Year is a chance to get inspired, be intentional and have fun. To join in use #sewtheyear on social media so Kimberley can see what everyone else is planning and please come share in the Facebook group.

Right now onto my plans!

I’m currently on with The Dragor Dress by howtodofashion.

This pattern is a fabulous 50’s inspired dress with a full pleated skirt and a well-fitted top.  With my fabric choices i decided i wanted to match my Irregular Choice Cherry print Shoes to totally match the 1950’s look!

I’ve decided to hack the pattern a little and to add a band round the back too as i’m having a Polka Dot top, Red Waistband and Black Skirt. I was quite surprised of how good its turning out already and that i have matched up the front and back perfectly, if i do say so myself 😉

Also my January Project for #Sew My Style – Sew House 7 Toaster Sweater Version 2!

Even though I have purchased both Patterns i felt i swayed more to version 2!

I’ll be using this fab Navy Arrow Knit Sweatshirt that I had bought from Sew  Up North back in November as I’ve been itching to get it used!

Okay now it’s your turn, what are your January Sewing Plans?

Sal xx


Project #SewMyStyle 2017


So what is #SewMyStyle I hear you ask?

It’s all about raising awareness about the slow fashion movement and about encouraging young women to take up sewing. We want to show you that sewing your own wardrobe isn’t an unachievable dream.  So of course anyone can give it a go!

How Does it Work?

We’ll be sewing 12 garments in 12 months. We’ll post photos of our makes on Instagram on the last Sunday of every month. In the end, we’ll have a nice little capsule wardrobe of handmade clothes. Yay!! Continue reading “Project #SewMyStyle 2017”