Ma Craftine Box Review

Hi All!

As you can probably tell, I’m off with the kids for Easter holidays so i can finally play catch up with my blog!

The lovely Muriel from Craftine asked if i would like to review one of her bi-monthly subscription boxes as they have recently started offering this beautiful boxes to the UK, well as a Yorkshire lass can’t say no to that!! Hahaha!

Let me explain a little about how it works! Continue reading “Ma Craftine Box Review”

Minerva Crafts Product Review Prada Self Lined Stretch Crepe Suiting Dress Fabric

Happy Friday Y’all!! How have you all been?

If you didn’t know….. I’m a  Minerva Product Tester!

When I received the email with the Products that was on offer for this round, I couldn’t believe that there was Prada fabric!! So I jumped on the chance to give it a whirl as I haven’t really used a crepe before and thought well why not now! I live dangerously!!

It’s such a Fabulous quality Fabric, it’s Self Satin Lined with a slight one way stretch across the width of the Fabric. I’m so glad i went for the Aubergine colourway as it’s just such an autumn colour but really glam at the same time!

Because this fabric has a matt and shiny side, you can use either or a combination of both textures to create dramatic effects. This fabric is PU coated with both anti static and anti click, ensuring the highest quality for special garments. Beautifully soft with a lovely drape, perfect for jackets, dresses, skirts, etc.

I couldn’t stop stroking this stuff when it first arrived as it is just that beautiful! If you have seen my Instagram feed I’ve popped on a short video showing the matt and shiny side.

My review is now live on the Minerva Crafts Blog which shows you what I made out of it!

Happy Reading!!




Quick Update – Sew Up North – Love Sewing Magazine

Hi there!

Yep, it’s time to announce another element of our lovely Raffle Prize pool up for grabs at Sew Up North.  We really are very lucky to be able to spoil you lot to such an extent; good job it’s all in the name of a very worthy cause, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

When Becca was emailing around, begging for goodies to include in the prize pool, she received a very lovely email back from Love Sewing magazine, offering their support.

I’m sure that at some point, you’ve picked up a copy of Love Sewing Magazine.  It’s one of my favourite Sewing Magazines, although I’m totally unable to keep up with all the things I get inspired to make – more hours in a day are needed!

Anyway, Love Sewing are putting together a bundle of magazines for us, including copies of some of their sister publications.  Which should be more than enough to inspire the use of any fabrics you may or may not have already purchased on the day!

Thank you so much for your generosity, Love Sewing, and if this has inspired you to join us on the day, please head over to our Facebook or Eventbrite pages and let us know; it’s all free but if we know how many people are coming, we have more chance of having a goody bag available for you!

Have a fab weekend!

Sal xx