Ma Craftine Box Review

Hi All!

As you can probably tell, I’m off with the kids for Easter holidays so i can finally play catch up with my blog!

The lovely Muriel from Craftine asked if i would like to review one of her bi-monthly subscription boxes as they have recently started offering this beautiful boxes to the UK, well as a Yorkshire lass can’t say no to that!! Hahaha!

Let me explain a little about how it works! Continue reading “Ma Craftine Box Review”

Minerva Crafts Product Review Prada Self Lined Stretch Crepe Suiting Dress Fabric

Happy Friday Y’all!! How have you all been?

If you didn’t know….. I’m a  Minerva Product Tester!

When I received the email with the Products that was on offer for this round, I couldn’t believe that there was Prada fabric!! So I jumped on the chance to give it a whirl as I haven’t really used a crepe before and thought well why not now! I live dangerously!!

It’s such a Fabulous quality Fabric, it’s Self Satin Lined with a slight one way stretch across the width of the Fabric. I’m so glad i went for the Aubergine colourway as it’s just such an autumn colour but really glam at the same time!

Because this fabric has a matt and shiny side, you can use either or a combination of both textures to create dramatic effects. This fabric is PU coated with both anti static and anti click, ensuring the highest quality for special garments. Beautifully soft with a lovely drape, perfect for jackets, dresses, skirts, etc.

I couldn’t stop stroking this stuff when it first arrived as it is just that beautiful! If you have seen my Instagram feed I’ve popped on a short video showing the matt and shiny side.

My review is now live on the Minerva Crafts Blog which shows you what I made out of it!

Happy Reading!!




Great British Sewing Bee Live!!

Now the Title just says it all!!!

As soon as the Tickets were realised back in April both Becca and I said we must go!! So Becca was eagerly there at 9am ready for the Tickets to be realised along with the Super theatre access and workshops whilst I sorted the accommodation and Train Tickets for us to be ready and raring to go on the Saturday rather than traveling down and back the same day which is uber tiring especially when travelling over 2 hours each way!!

Now look what I had packed to take with me! Handmade wardrobe even down to the PJs! The Fabricology Bag is my contribution to the pattern Swap!

I travelled down on the Friday evening, navigating the underground and the DLR with ease and got off at Prince Regent Station as the Custom House is being revamped. Now I arrived at 8.40pm and it’s pitch black….

I had Google Maps on my phone but it decided to take me the wrong direction of where i needed to go and then my phone died and I took a very scenic route to my Hotel….. but thankfully I came across Jamie aka MaleDevonSewing from Series 4 who was taking a phone call outisde the Hotel he was staying at and took my luggae trolley off me and said to go and sit down and have a drink with him and some other Sewing Bees! I was amongst Celebrities but of course my phone had died at the point!! Dam!

Jamie kindly walked me to the Hotel i was stopping at, as he knew where he was going (i bloody didn’t!!) as he went to that one 1st rather than the Ibis he was actually staying at! LOL so I finally arrived at the Hotel at 10.40pm!!! I had set off from Doncaster Station at 6:03pm and had a full day at work too!!!

We was up at and ready for 8am, so we made our way down for Breakie. It got very busy after we arrived as there were long queues forming but thankfully we managed to get our fill before it got that busy!

It was a tad drizzly, but that didn’t dampening our spirits…(sorry bad pun!Lol!) We made our across to the Excel!!

I finally got to met Elle, Sarah and Rachel  for a quick chat and hug before we headed to the Cloakroom. But we did say we would met later for a natter.

We dropped our luggage off at the Cloakroom at a bargain price of £1 per item!! You can’t go wrong as it was £2 per item at the ICHF Stitching, Sewing and Hobbcrafts Show at Manchester back in February! Then had a chance to grab some snaps of the the cool olympic membrolia.

When we returned back to where the Show was hosted at N5 a massive queue had formed!! Swear it was only 5 minutes we passed it and there wasn’t a queue whatsoever!!

So we waited patiently, near the entrance and joined the end of the queue when they came to the entrance, whats the point of going all the way back there to come back again?! We even got a friendly smile from Patrick when he passed!!! Ekkk!!

We had a quick look around before the Super Theater at 11am. We found Melissa of Fehr Trade in the corner and spoilt myself with her especially made in Yorkshire Pins!! We managed a quick chat but she was uber busy which understandable!

Said Hello to Kate and Rachel of The Fold Line and who had the most amazing seats ever!

Had a quick look through some of the Stalls and even managed to find Lisa of The Avid Seamstress  and Clare too where i received a another badge to my collection! Yay!

Becca and I met with Pecia aka Mini Adventures who was going to the Super Theater too and the Workshop we was attending too! She was making the most of her Birthday Pressie and that her adorable Pie and Pop were joining us later.

The Super Theater was interesting… even though we paid extra for the premium seats we still ended up at the back which wasn’t really fair but hey ho! Sarah aka Likesewamazing was on the Alteration challenge!! She was teamed up with Jenni Bob Taylor from Series 2. They did really well considering they only 45 minutes to complete the challenge!

We then quickly grabbed some lunch in the form of a Chicken Burrito and Dr Pepper before we knew it it was time for the Vintage Technique Workshop hosted by the lovely Delphine unfortunately the workshop was a little rushed as the previous one had over run but i came away with lots of instructions and new knowledge that i didn’t before.

Then we met with Jamie and chatted outside the workshop area for some reason rather than sitting down like normal people would …… and met the lovely Kellie who was going to Jade’s workshop of sewing with beaded fabric, the lucky thing!!

Oh yes… Did i mention Becca and I are now Cover Stars for Love Sewing Magazine?!

Finally, caught up with Mark of GirlCharlee who was doing very well on his stand, it isn’t surprising as they are good quality jerseys! Also said hello to Tracey from Series 4 too who was with her daughter eyeing up the goodies too!! Yeah I am that short… please don’t point it out any further!!

Also a quick chat to Mrs Maven of Maven Patterns!

Then to wind the day down, we then met with Rach, Elle, Sarah, Jen, Jen W and Sarah for a natter before everyone was going home.

Of course I couldn’t not have a silly photo with Jamie, still can’t believe it’s been 2 years since we last saw each other at the Interviews for the GBSB Series 4 but thankfully we had time for a catch up!!

Wow, what an experience the GBSB Live was! It was great to see people in real life rather than just on Instagram! I do hope that there is another next year but i do think I will go in the weekday rather than the weekend where it would be quieter, more lush fabric to oggle through and to talk with the stall owners properly.

If i have missed anyone out, I do apologise as there was a lot of people there and it sometimes hard to recognise faces to their Instagram handle!

Here’s a few random photos from the Show..

I didn’t get a lot from the Show as there wasn’t really calling out to me as I’m trying not be a Fabric Hoarder and buying Fabric just as it’s pretty, I need to have a project in mind before i buy.

So there you go folks my epic few days ‘down South’ lol I ain’t used to such a big City and the amount of people!! I should of taken more pictures!!

Sal x


Sew up North….. It’s tomorrow!!!

Can you believe it?!! Sew Up North is happening tomorrow?!!

When we both decided to organise our own “Up North” meeting…. we never of thought it would turn out to be quite popular! We must be doing something right!!

Just a quick Post as we have some more lovely Raffle Prizes!!

The ever so awesome Sewing World Magazine has donated another Prize to the Raffle!!! Say what?!!

It’s a 12 month Magazine Subscription to their magazine which is worth a whopping £60.00!!

If you are attending tomorrow, you’ll be crazy to buy any tickets from the vast array of prizes that are on offer!!

Here’s a quick list:

£20 Gift Voucher from B and M Fabrics

£20 voucher from Beyond Measure

£30 Voucher from Cotton Reel Studio

Sew Caroline Weekend Style Book, Fabric and trim From Elenaor aka nelandnora 

A beautiful 2m length of fabric and a £15 voucher from Fabbadashery

Oh Sew Quaint Macaroon Pattern Weights from Fabricate

2m of any Fabric from Girl Charlee

Bundle of magazines from Love Sewing Magazine

£200 Fabric Bundle from Minervacrafts

Pair of beautiful little tins, packed with sewing goodies like threads, pins, snip scissors, needles, pin cushion from School of Sew

A Mystery Bundle from Sew Crafty Shop

Book and Fat Quarter Bundle and 12 Month Subscription from Sewing World Magazine.

£30 Voucher from Sewisfaction

5 pdf patterns of the winner’s choice from Sew Over It

2 pdf patterns of the winner’s choice from Tilly and The Buttons

A massive 15 Raffle prizes on offer here all in the Aid of The Yorkshire Air Ambulance

So we hope you are all ready for tomorrow then

Quick Update – Sew Up North – Love Sewing Magazine

Hi there!

Yep, it’s time to announce another element of our lovely Raffle Prize pool up for grabs at Sew Up North.  We really are very lucky to be able to spoil you lot to such an extent; good job it’s all in the name of a very worthy cause, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

When Becca was emailing around, begging for goodies to include in the prize pool, she received a very lovely email back from Love Sewing magazine, offering their support.

I’m sure that at some point, you’ve picked up a copy of Love Sewing Magazine.  It’s one of my favourite Sewing Magazines, although I’m totally unable to keep up with all the things I get inspired to make – more hours in a day are needed!

Anyway, Love Sewing are putting together a bundle of magazines for us, including copies of some of their sister publications.  Which should be more than enough to inspire the use of any fabrics you may or may not have already purchased on the day!

Thank you so much for your generosity, Love Sewing, and if this has inspired you to join us on the day, please head over to our Facebook or Eventbrite pages and let us know; it’s all free but if we know how many people are coming, we have more chance of having a goody bag available for you!

Have a fab weekend!

Sal xx

Good news!!!!


Woo hoo!  I am so happy! I’m an official Pattern Tester for Simple Sew and Eliza M Vintage Patterns! As you well know Simple Sew Patterns and Eliza M Vintage Patterns have been included in Love Sewing Magazine as the Cover patterns on nearly all of their issues!


I do love the magazine as it’s the only one that I actually make things from and read at least twice front to back!

There is 4 of us all together that’s on the team who are:

Gabby –
Hazel –
Laura –

They are very talented group of lasses of which I honoured to work with as I’m being the newbie as they create some gorgeous pieces!

So watch this space for our posts of the new Patterns that are coming soon :mrgreen:

Sal x

My First Ruby Dress!!

Hiya Folks!
Guess what I’ve managed to make and not made a hash of it…..a Dress at last!!!!!
I’ve used the ever so easy to follow Ruby Dress by Simple Sew which was free from Issue 4 of Love Sewing Magazine, see I am getting round to using my free patterns from magazines 😉
If you follow this link here It’ll take you to the same pattern I’ve used here FREE for you to download and print!! How awesome is that?!  
Me and the Family went on a trip to Fletchers Fabrics of York and came across this delightful Woodland Animal Print in Cream and Navy, It was crying out to made into a Dress and a steal of a Price at £7.99 a Metre with it being 100% Cotton and 60″ wide. It Washed real well and feels real nice against the skin.
I didn’t had to alter the pattern much either as i measured as 10 in the bust with just a little bit of adjustment in my waist as its smaller than the measurements on back of the packet, sorry I’m blessed with a tiny waist! It doesn’t matter that much about the hip measurement as its quite a full circle skirt so it skims that bit which is awesome 🙂
Love the sexiness of the V neck back, I had even managed to insert a invisible zip for the 1st time with ease too! So it’s a awesome day in the Kendall household!
So with myself being a newbie to sewing that was easy to follow, i can see myself making more of these!
Materials I’ve used:
2.5m of 60″ Wide 100% Cotton Fabric 
50cm of Medium Weight Interfacing

16″ Invisible Zip – I had bought a 22″ zip without realizing but made it shorter no problem to fit 🙂

Cream Thread

Ta ta for now!
Sal x