Sew Crafty Design Team Project #001 for 2018! Passport Holder Tutorial


Hi All! I’m back for my 2nd year with The Sew Crafty Design Team and kicking off my 1st Project for 2018 showing you how to make your own Passport Cover! Honestly, It is really easy as i say it is!

List of Supplies:

Let’s make your Cover!

Fold the Fabric Right Sides Together.

I calculated for a UK Passport that i needed a rectangle of 31cm wide and 16cm high and includes a seam allowance of 1/4″ (o.6cm). It’s all written down in my Sew Crafty Journal, which is a fab tool as it had plenty of room to add my notes and calculations instead on a scrap piece of paper which i would end up losing!

I drew on the fabric using my tailors chalk and my Pattern ruler and tried my best to get it straight with the aid of the Ruler and my mat but i am only human after all!

Cut all the way around the fabric, following the outline we just drew.

Lay one piece of the Cover onto lightweight woven fusible interfacing. Pin and cut out one piece. I cheated a little, i folded my piece in half and then did the same for interfacing and pinned in place and cut out which meant less cutting! So now you should have 2 pieces of the fabric for your cover and 1 piece of interfacing 🙂

Sewing it all together!

Fuse the interfacing to the outer layer of the fabric with the glue side of the interfacing facing the wrong side of the fabric.

Place the two layers of fabric right sides together. Pin around the entire piece leaving a section about 2″ wide marked to be left unsewn for turning the piece right sides out.

Sew around the perimeter of the pieces using 1/4″ seam allowance starting at one side of the opening and remembering to Pivot (That word always reminds me of the episode of Friends with Ross and Chandler are moving the sofa to Ross’s apartment!!) when you reach each corner. Then back tacking at the otherside of the opening.

Trim the corners to reduce bulk. I trimmed at a 45-degree angle and also shaved off a little bit on either side of the corner to create nice corners.
Carefully turn the entire piece right sides out through the opening left in the bottom. Use a point turner or chopstick like i have to form nice corners after turning right side out.

Fold the seam allowance into the opening left in the bottom of the fabric and press the entire piece.

Now to finish the Cover!

Measure and fold each end of the fabric 2.1″ (6cm) into the inside. Pin in place all the way around the entire piece, and press.

Edge stitch the hole closed and the flaps in place all at the same time by stitching the perimeter of the cover at 1/4″ (0.6cm) seam allowance. Be sure to pivot at each corner. Press the entire piece after sewing.

Slip each end of your passport into the end flaps (hahaha!) sorry i am crude at times, and you’re ready to go!

So here is my lovely cover with 2 other covers!


Of course the boys needed one a piece doing! Ethan went for Star Wars Darth Vadar Fabric and Rhys went for Spiderman Comic Fabric – which are both are currently on sale for £3 per half metre, bargain!!

Mr K had already bought himself one from Amazon so it saved me a job! So my fist lot of Holiday Sewing! Can’t believe it’s only 10 weeks away till we go away to Florida!! Best get a wiggle on on sewing my holiday wardrobe then!

Happy Sewing!

Sal xx

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Sew Over It Poppy Playsuit

Hello peeps!

At last some sewing I can blog about without being top secret…. You’ll soon know what I’ve been up too!

Now, I originally cut this out back in August but other duties kept getting in the way of sewing and the kiddies were off School which doesn’t help concentration levels! ?

This was a freebie pattern from Issue 16 of Simply Sewing Magazine but Sew Over It has released this pattern in their shop with the option of full length pants if shorts aren’t your thing!


I was a little bit hesitant to try something new as I’ve never even tried a Playsuit! So I thought I would bite the bullet and just go for it and also it was my 1st Sew Over It pattern! Going through my stash, I couldn’t believe I haven’t used the ever so gorgeous Art Gallery Paparounes Crimson Jersey! Thankfully I just had enough at 2m!

Withhaving a good read of the sizing and instructions, I’d thought it’d be best to make up the 12-14 according to measurements.  So with the paper pattern pieces cut out and starting to pin and cut the fabric, who shows up and thinks ‘no mummy you must love me!’ But he is a handsome moggy!


Now this is a real quick easy make especially if your using jersey like I have as no need to finish the seams! Boom! Then to draw the waist in its just elastic and using the bodice and short seam allowance for the casing!

I didn’t put in the huge turn up hems like it shows in the instructions as I wasn’t keen on the amount of thigh on show! So I just made smaller ones on the legs and sleeves and to be honest I quite prefer the smaller hem.

With the nice sunshine out I thought I may as well look the part with the sandals and Sunnys! I was worried that it would fit right with myself being short! But you know what, I didn’t need to make any major adjustments just the smaller hems!

So go on peeps go and take yourself out of your comfort zone you may be really pleased you did like I have!

Sal xx